Real Trees vs. Fake Trees

Real Plantation Trees

photo of a real tree

  • A real tree isn't always perfectly shaped but each one is unique just like people.
  • The real tree you pick will look different each year… taller, wider, or even have a different type of needle.
  • Real trees are fragrant and smell like forest.
  • A real tree spends 8 to 10 years growing on a farm, all the while producing oxygen and providing shelter for wildlife before it makes it into your living room.
  • A real tree is biodegradable and can be mulched for garden compost, used for a fragrant bonfire or even sunk into lakes and ponds to provide habitat for fish.
  • You and your family can spend an afternoon in the fresh outdoors of a tree farm picking from thousands of trees, perhaps even enjoying a hay ride and a cup of hot chocolate around a bonfire.
  • A real tree provides a job for the grower and his hired help during its life on the farm and is then replaced by another tree to start the cycle over.
  • Real trees use carbon dioxide, a gas emitted by automobiles and factories. Then the trees turn it into clean oxygen to breathe.
  • Real trees are enviromentally friendly. Most trees are grown on a farm and are a recyclable and a renewable resource.
  • Real trees last 1 month or so after they're cut (plus 8 years of growth time). True, but the one you buy the next year will look even better and your children will remember the experience for a lifetime.
  • Real trees that are fresh and properly watered and cared for lose few needles and will not support a flame.

Artificial Trees

photo of a artificial tree

  • An artificial tree has a prefect shape (but it still looks fake).
  • The artificial tree you buy is exactly like thousands of others and will look pretty much the same every year (HO HUM).
  • Fake trees smell like…?
  • An artificial tree spends eleven months wasting space in your closet before you set it up.
  • An artificial tree is non-biodegradable and will last for thousands of years in our landfill after you throw it out.
  • After Christmas, an artificial tree goes back in the closet to collect dust.
  • Your family can spend a few stressful hours in a crowded shopping mall looking for an artificial tree.
  • An artificial tree creates a job in a factory during its manufacture until a machine replaces the job.
  • Artificial trees use non-renewable resources and energy and create pollution during their disposal.
  • Artificial trees are unfriendly. See above.
  • Artificial trees last forever. Also true, but you'll probably get tired of it in a few years and then spend hundreds on a new one while the old one goes to the dump.
  • Artificial trees don't shed, true, but they can catch fire and when they do they emmit poisonous gases.