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Lex Casino Privacy Policy

In today’s digital age, safeguarding personal data on the internet is paramount. This is particularly crucial for online casinos like Lex Casino in Canada, where users disclose details such as payment methods, contact information, and other personal data.

This precaution is driven by legal obligations and internal platform policies aimed at ensuring the security and transparency of gaming activities. Central to this framework is the casino’s privacy policy.

The privacy policy outlines the collection, storage, usage, and protection of customers’ personal data. Understanding these protocols empowers players to make informed choices and feel secure in the online environment.

What information Lex Casino collects and why

Lex Casino, like all online platforms, gathers specific user data essential for delivering services, processing payments, offering customer support, and enhancing service quality.

Typically, collected data includes contact details (e.g., name, email address, phone number), financial information (such as bank account or credit card details for payment processing), and details about your site activities (e.g., games played, time spent on the site).

Automatic information collection and use of cookies

Lex Casino also automatically gathers certain information when users access their site. This includes data like IP addresses, browser types, operating systems, visit times, and other relevant details. This process utilizes “cookies,” small text files stored on devices during website visits.

Cookies enhance site functionality, improve user experiences (e.g., remembering user preferences for future visits), and provide statistical insights for site analysis and optimization.

It’s important to note that cookies cannot access personal computers or information unless voluntarily provided by users. Users can manage cookie settings in their browser preferences, though this may impact site functionality.

Modifying and deleting information at Lex Casino

Respecting user rights to manage personal data, Lex Casino allows users to amend or delete their information by contacting the casino’s support team. Identity verification may be required.

However, certain data, such as financial transaction records and information necessary for compliance with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering laws, may be retained by Lex Casino despite deletion requests, as required by law.